Monetize Your Garden and Share
Its Healing Benefits with Others

Do you have a beautiful garden that you're proud of and want to share with others?Do you want to generate extra income from your garden while promoting physical, mental, and emotional healing?

Healing Gardens connects garden owners with individuals and organizations looking for outdoor spaces to host events, workshops, and retreats.By listing your garden on Healing Gardens, you can monetize your garden and share its healing benefits with others.

Our playbook covers everything from creating a compelling garden description, pricing your garden, and hosting events in your garden.

To help you get started on your journey towards monetizing your garden, we've created a playbook that provides you with step-by-step guidance and practical tips for creating a successful listing on Healing Gardens.

Download our playbook now to get started on your journey towards monetizing your garden and sharing its healing benefits with others.

Benefits of Listing Your Garden on Healing Gardens

Generate Revenue

By renting out your garden space, you can generate revenue and monetize your garden.

Promote Wellbeing

Hosting events in your garden can promote physical, mental, and emotional healing for attendees.


Hosting events in your garden can help you connect with new people and organizations in your community

Grow Your Passion

By renting out your garden, you can share your passion for gardening and outdoor spaces with others.

Control Bookings

As a garden owner, you have control over which events you host and when, allowing you to maintain the integrity of your garden.


You'll have access to our comprehensive garden insurance coverage. Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind knowing your healing garden is covered.

Get Started Today

Join the Healing Gardens community today and start monetizing your garden while sharing its healing benefits with others. Download our playbook and follow our step-by-step guidance to create a successful garden listing on our platform.

Let's create a more beautiful, healing world together.